Thursday, May 28, 2009

Addison Paige

Jeff's cousin, Ashley, had her first perfect little baby yesterday! She did great and Addison is beyond beautiful. She is perfect and I think she looks just like Mommy. She is having a few problems feeding and breathing at the same time and still has some Magnesium in her system that Ashley had to have while she was in labor, due to high blood pressure, so she is spending a few days in the NICU. Say a prayer for baby Addison today. I can't wait till she is out of the hospital and we can hold her! Ashley did sneak me back in the NICU tonight to see her and I cried. She was so gorgeous and I can't believe she is finally here! Welcome to the world, baby princess Addison!

Addison Paige
May 27, 2009
5 pounds even

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Cut

This little boy used to have hair...

And now he has a new summer cut! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the really encouraging comments, emails, texts and calls about Dozer. We do miss him but I am overly grateful for the outpouring of love and support that we recieved about his passing. How many times have I said Jeff and I have the best friends and family in the world? It's true. We do. I am so blessed.

Cowboy has been enjoying time in the house and getting picked on my three little brats. :) He is the best dog ever. The climb all over him, squeeze him, hit him, pull his tail, throw toys and it doesn't even phase him. He is the perfect dog to have with little ones in the house and besides that he is amazingly behaved. We struck gold with that furry friend. I have had Cowboy a looong time.. a post to come about that soon. :)
And were you wondering about our Memorial Weekend? It was perfect! Chris and Kristie came back this weekend on Friday night and we rushed to get everyone ready so we could head to the track to watch Jeff and Chris run their cars. They both did great. It was warm outside and we all had a good time. Braelyn and Brylee ate way too much candy (thanks to Jampa) and drank a surplus of coke plus stayed up way past their bed time. Sounds like a good time, right? It was. The boys did great and it was fun.
Saturday we mostly spent around the house. That night we went to dinner at Fuji's Japanese Steak House and it was delicious, as ever. Braelyn ate her first meal there of Terriyaki Chicken and fried rice. Suprisingly, she liked it and Brylee even ate some too! Friends came over that night and we got to play with baby Corbin. He is getting so big already!
Sunday we had lunch at Jeff's grandparents and then the boys had the bright idea to wakeboard at the flooded parks behind their dirt bikes. Genius, I know, but it was pretty funny. It floods so bad in Abilene, especially in our neighborhood and this is what our park looked like after just a couple hours of rain! The water that Chris is floating in on the raft is probably 7 feet deep, they can't touch the bottom standing up!Sadly, the worst part of the whole weekend was the girls were getting sicker and sicker as the weekend progressed. Their colds had moved to their chests and by Sunday morning I had two kids wheezing, retracting and on breathing treatments so I called our on call pediatrician and begged him to call them in some steroids to clear them up so I wouldnt have to take them to the ER on a holiday weekend. Instead, he agreed to meet me in his office with both girls in the next 30 minutes and he would check them out. It went fine. They were both wheezing but got steroids and were sounding a somewhat better by the next morning. I am always thankful for the amazing pediatrician that my kids see and the others in his office, like the one we saw Sunday. They go above and beyond for their patients even if it means meeting me at the office at 8:30pm on Sunday night of a holiday weekend! The girls are sounding better today and hopefully feeling 100% when Granny and Papa (my grandparents) come visit tomorrow morning! We can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am sad to tell you that our precious great dane, Dozer, died yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it is very common in Danes for their stomachs to flip, it's called bloat, and it kills them almost instantly. We are going to miss Dozer so much. He was 150+ pounds of pure sweetness. Dozer loved our kids, his brother Cowboy, being an escape artist from the backyard and tearing up everything in sight, haha. He was a handful, to say the least.

I remember the day we drove out to a small town outside of Brownwood to meet Dozer's breeder and see her new liter. Braelyn was only 10 months old, it was May 2007. I have loved great danes since I was a kid and always wanted one of my own. Jeff agreed to get me one since we were in the process of buying a new house and could have a dog as big as we wanted. When we got to the breeders I had the intention of getting a black colored female Dane. That's what I always wanted. The lady told us that males get bigger and they didn't have any black, males left. I was bummed but Jeff defintely wanted the one that would get the largest. There was this big guy in the back, a tan colored male fawn, who was shy and not jumping all over us. Jeff picked him up and fell in love with him. He told me he wanted that one. I knew Jeff had his heart set on that little guy so I agreed. Little Doz (see what he looked like above) rode home in my lap all the way back to Abilene. My first Dane, I loved him already. When Dozer first came to our house he cried all night long cause he wanted to sleep in bed with us and he tore up everything. Have you ever tried to house break a great dane? Ha, it was a disaster and as Dozer got bigger the puddles got bigger. When we moved to the new house, the dogs got moved to the backyard since Braelyn was starting to walk and having a 100 pound (at the time) dog accidentally knocking my baby over was getting old. However, the dogs loved their new place in the backyard and enjoyed being outdoors.
In July 2007, Dozer got very sick and we had to take him to the vet. They said he had parvo. I laid on the floor of the vets office with my huge dog and cried. Jeff and I decided we would do whatever it takes to save Dozer and $2000 and a week in the hospital later, Dozer came home. I begged the vet to let him come home because that weekend was Braelyn's 1st birthday party and I just knew we could do not do it with him there. The morning of the party I got a call from the nurse to "come pick up your baby!" and I did! Dozer was home, looking sick and with a shaved neck and bandages from the IV, but it didnt matter. We were thrilled!

For Halloween that year, we dressed him up as a dinosaur. He hated it! It only lasted long enough to take pictures. I even had Aunt Kristie make the costume because they don't make dog costumes for great danes. :) Sorry, Doz, I couldn't resist! Here is Dozer and Braelyn at Christmas 2007. Do you see how fast he grew? It's amazing!

Cuddling with my babies, January 2007. Dozer is doing a good job of hiding my belly here because I was 8 months pregnant with Brylee :) Dozer was crazy about the kids and always let Braelyn climb all over him. She sure is going to miss him. This was about the stage when Braelyn started calling him "SheShe" no one knew what it meant but he was her SheShe. It's true. Dozer really was a Daddy's Boy. In Dozer's last few months, he has become quite the escape artist. He can climb any fence and walks over the chain link from the dog run to our backyard. We bailed him out of puppy jail just a couple months ago. A few weeks after that he got out during a thunderstorm (this happened often) at 3AM. I knew he was out because Cowboy was crying so I woke Jeff up. Jeff ran about 1/2 a mile at 3AM in the pouring rain to drag his baby boy back to the house. Thats love. But I think he had a special place in that giant heart for me too :) Dozer was a real character and if we ever took him anywhere, everyone noticed him. It's hard for someone to not comment on the size of that dog!

One of my favorite pictures of me and Dozer. It was in September of 2008. There is nothing in the world like a hug from a great dane. I sure will miss that giant face! Cowboy seems to be doing okay. He is getting some extra love from Mommy and a bath today so he can come in and play with the kids for a while. Dozer and Cowboy were best buddies and what a team they were!
Sadly, I only have a handful of pictures of Dozer with Brylee. It's hard to take pictures of a barely walking baby with a 150 pound dog :( This was Dozer letting Brylee climb all over him at Christmas 2008, her first Christmas. Dozer and Cowboy always got Christmas presents in their stockings, I know, I know.

Aunt Kristie and Uncle Stinky are crazy about our dogs, just like their own, and I know they are going to miss him so much too.

We are going to miss the big guy. Sorry for the long post and lots of pictures but I just wanted to show you all our boy. Dozer was our family and no family is complete without a dog, I really believe that. We are going to miss him so much. All dogs go to Heaven, right? We think so.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Best days of our lives..

Not much happened all weekend and it was a good thing. I think we might have finally gotten some much needed rest (and on Saturday, some much needed rain!). This morning was back to the routine which includes breakfast, me off to the gym while the kids go to the gym daycare, home to make lunch, everyone down for naps, up for snacks, play, cook dinner, more play, baths and bedtime. Sound simple, right? Haha, I wish. There, of course, is always a tantrum in between, someone needs extra hugs today, someone had an "accident", lots of diapers, spills, "he/she hit me!" and more. And we wouldn't trade it for the world. One of my favorite moms, Michelle Duggar from 18 Kids and Counting, always say on her show that "these are the best days of our lives and we don't even know it." Isn't that true, Mommies? We feel like we are running circles but don't they make our lives worth while? These are the best days of our lives. One day these perfect little people we brought in to the world will leave our home and we will miss them so much. Cherish today.

Here are my sassy little princesses who went this weekend to help Daddy wash his car. They love to go anywhere with Daddy :)
Look at these perfect little lips. She is priceless.

Braelyn "driving" Daddy's car. Don't worry. It's parked. :)

Miss Happy hanging out in the back seat. Can you believe how big she is getting?!

And my baby will be 3 soon! WOW!