Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a weekend..

We had a great weekend around our house. Friday, we went to dinner at Abuelo's with Jeff's family for his mom's birthday. It was really good and Brylee slept thru dinner so we didnt have to take turns eating.. it was so nice! She is SLOWLY improving on the fussiness and hopefully this new med is helping her reflux some so she wont be feeling so bad :(

Saturday, Jeff and I took the girls shopping at Old Navy and we all got something.. the kids got shirts for the 4th of July too.. very cute ;) Then we took them to the Abilene Country Club with Jeff's sister and her husband and kids to go swim. It was fun. Braelyn really enjoyed going down the slide with her Uncle James and Brylee even got in with me. She didnt like it too much though cause the water was a little cool. We had fun and Brylee got to come home earlier and spend some alone time with her daddy and Braelyn got to stay and swim with me. It's always cool when we get to focus on one kid and enjoy JUST them for a little bit. Saturday night we all stayed home and watched a movie.. me and the girls only made it thru about 10 minutes though and then we fell asleep! :)

Today, we just hung out at home. Jeff and Brylee went to his parents for a little bit and Braelyn and I played at home. It was fun.. she wanted to play in the bath forever and since I didnt have another baby to watch.. I just sat and let her play :) Not doing anything tonight, I guess, just sitting around the house.

It was a good weekend.. really enjoy spending time with my girls and hearing everything funny Braelyn has to say ;)

Some pics from swimming..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a life..

Well.. I am married to Jeff (over two years) and we have two sweet babies girls, who you will probably read about the most. Braelyn was born July 27, 2006 and changed our lives forever.. of course, for the better! ;) I also have two cool (and really big) dogs that I love! My brother, James, moved to Abilene with us back in December 07 and shortly after, we had our second baby, Brylee ("Happy") on March 26th. My kids are amazing and crazy and I know I am so blessed! I love living in Texas and really enjoy the 100 degree weather, weird? I know! I love REAL people, not those who are stuck up or only care about themselves and what they have. I love my big family (and Jeff's) and I have the world's greatest nieces and nephews and I am so proud of them.. most of the time.. lol just kidding! I graduated from ACU in 2007 with my Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies and still don't have a job (side note: Abilene job market suuuucks!) so I am currently home with the two brats until a door opens ;) I've been through some really tough things in my life and you'll probably read about that some too. Don't know what else to tell you to introduce myself but I hope that maybe one day I will write something on here that helps you out.. and until then.. meet my family.... :)