Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy's 3rd Birthday Party!!

I have to admit.. this was one of the most low maintenance birthday parties I have ever thrown. I blame it on the fact that I have a newborn plus a now three year old and a four year old. I'm sleepy, I know that. But I am so blessed. Happy had a great birthday party!! We had lots of sweet friends and family and the weather was perfect!

Shirt from Old Navy, tutu by Aunt Kristie and bow from Etsy seller.

Kisses for her Daddy

 This picture has Happy written alll over it! We love her!
Braelyn, Happy and cousin Alyssa
 Braelyn and Mommy
 Her cake!
 Me and the birthday girl
 Braelyn, Happy and Mama
 Her birthday banner
 We were singing Happy Birthday to her :)
 Happy and some of her fans :)
 Braelyn had to help blow out the candles
 Happy Faith- new glasses
 She ended the day with birthday dinner at Mr Gatti's!
Can't tell you enough how much we love our Happy!! As we were walking out of the zoo from her birthday party she stopped me and said, "Thank you, Mama". What 3 year old is thankful for their birthday party that Mama planned?!? Thank you, Lord, for that grateful heart and that beautiful little girl! We are in love!

Guess who else was there?? This little TWO month old bundle of hair love!!
Brittyn Hope turned 2 months old on the same day Happy turned 3 years old (they are born on Jan 26th and March 26th :) Next post coming.. Brittyn's 2 month update!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Happy Faith!!

3 years old today, God gave us Brylee Faith, our Happy, and I have been grateful every day since. March 26, 2008 is the day I became the mommy of 2 and Braelyn became a big sister! We are still crazy about her!

Happy is my "wild child" and we love it! She is all personality! She loves hugs and kissys, being held and cuddling. She likes Dora and princesses and all things girly and frilly! She wants to wear a dress every day of the week and expresses her dislike for shorts and jeans daily. Happy loves her dress up clothes the best and thinks they are ther perfect attire for going out to dinner, school, pajamas, etc and sometimes I just allow it cause it makes her so happy! I shared a couple posts back but we are so thrilled over her grateful heart. She thanks us for everything (even this week she thanked me for "washing my princess clothes and making them so clean!") and it makes my heart smile! Every piece of clothes or toy she owns is "sooo cute, Mama! Thank you so much, I love it"). She has the sweetest little voice and the best little smile. It's hard to tell her no cause she is just so cute!!

It's no secret that she is slightly very strong willed and will let you know all about it. She is faaaar from "middle child syndrome" and is actually usually the center of attention. She loves her sisters more than anything and is the first to tell you she loves you over and over and over. I'm praying we are channeling that strong willed energy into a woman that will one day make a difference because she has the ability to lead. She is so smart and has the best memory and I am so excited with all she is learning and memorizing these days.

Happy Faith, we love you so much! I am thanking God for the blessing of you every single day. You make your Mama and Daddy so proud!!

We are having her birthday party today.. pics to come soon! :)
(sorry, I had to remove the details of party location for the safety of our family and friends.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

smile and the world smiles with you..

First smiles.. March 10, 2011


We have been blessed again with some amazing pictures of our favorite kids from our favorite photographer, Brooke Ogilvie! The kids had a blast running wild in Baird, Texas while Brooke snapped away and sweet Brittyn slept through the entire shoot.
Braelyn- age 4, Brylee- almost 3 and Brittyn- 6 weeks old

Funny that Brooke captures this little moment below cause I am always telling these girls to "stop biting your nails" and "get your hands outta your mouth"! Classic..

My favorite newborn, Brittyn Hope, in all her sweet sleeping, smiling, pretty hair glory :)
If you know Happy Faith.. this picture below just makes sense! Let me just say.. to know her is to love her! She is more attitude and personality than all the 2 year olds in the world! I've said it a million times but she will change the world one day because the world will never change her!! Every word out of her mouth is hilarious and her heart is made of gold. There has never been a more thankful, grateful child! She tells me every little thing she appreciates over and over and over! You can buy her a drink at Sonic and she will spend the rest of the day thanking me for it. Thank you, Lord, for that grateful heart!

 Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping baby? I think not. Brittyn Hope has filled our hearts with more joy than we ever thought possible! I don't care if you have 20 kids, you are still just as thankful, excited and blessed. She is the perfect addition to our family in her sleepy, sweet spirited way! She is on a mission to prove herself exact opposite of her big sisters and we welcome the challenge. She is paving a new path through our hearts. I'm in love with her!
 Here is my itty bitty comedian again below.. :)
 And finally, pure blessing in my precious firstborn, Braelyn Grace! Braelyn taught me everything I ever needed to know about being a mom! She wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions run deep. She loves with all she has.. I feel the exact same way. She is giggles and smiles that can quickly turn to tears and back again in less than 5 minutes!! I love her being, seriously, the best big sister ever. I just know she is going to set the example that we will pray her little sisters will follow. I couldn't be more proud to tell people that I am "Braelyn's mom".

 Can I just say there isn't anything more precious than seeing my babies love each other?! Braelyn and Happy think Brittyn is the best thing that ever happened to this world and we think that about all three of them!!
 They are best friends. I look forward to the day Brittyn is running and playing with her big sisters! I'm sure they have plenty of cool things to teach her ;)
 The picture of Braelyn with Brittyn below melts my heart. She is crazy in love with that baby!!

 I let them throw rocks in the air.. anything for a good picture! lol

I am so thankful for each one of these pictures and I can't wait to see the rest Brooke is preparing for us. She has captures my kids personalities and I know I will look back one day and miss these crazy, sweet days of three little babies. Few people in this world would enjoy three kids ages 4 and under and I am loving every second of it (well, ya know, almost every second lol). My heart is full!

Thanks for listening reading my bragging on my little babies!! :) I am obsessed with these 3 kids!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Brittyn's Birth Announcement

Just realized that I never shared Brittyn's birth announcement.. I'm losing my mind, I tell ya ;)

For your viewing pleasure..
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One month old

Brittyn Hope
One month old

Weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces
Eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours
Sleeps in stretches at night anywhere from 5-7 hours
Usually wakes up twice a night to eat, sometimes once :)
Naps off and on during day, no real schedule yet
Wears 0-3 months clothes, can't fit her newborn clothes anymore
Size 1 diapers, but getting close to a size 2
Tolerates tummy time only in small doses
Likes us talking to her and looking at our faces
Loves her bouncer chair that vibrates
Rarely cries, only when tired or hungry (her normal routine is nap, eat, play content on floor or in bouncer chair and then back to napping :)
Not a big fan of her pacifier but I am trying a Soothie one and she likes it better (this is very weird for us cause Braelyn and Happy always loved their "suckers")
Has to be swaddled to sleep, she loves it (like her big sisters)

Brittyn is such a sweet baby! We are crazy about her!

6 weeks

So I am not sure how I let my blog get so behind all the fun things that have been going on. Oh, wait! I know how it happened.. I have three kids :)
I'll have to share just some of my favorite pictures because I have taken over 500 in the past few weeks, ha!
Braelyn and Brittyn the day we came home from the hospital.. Braelyn is very in love with Brittyn!
When she was 3 days old Granny, Papa and Aunt Beverly came to meet Miss Brittyn and of course, they loved seeing Braelyn and Happy, too! :)

We get lots of cuddle time with Brittyn. Her big sister think she is the best thing that ever happened to the world :)

And then of course, came the infamous blizzard in Texas. When Brittyn was 5 days old the snow hit and we were snowed in for four whole days with a newborn, 2 year old and 4 year old. It was actually really nice since taking a newborn all over the place is not ideal. We had lots of fun and came up with lots of games for the big girls to play to keep them entertained. Brittyn slept through the snow but I took a picture with her by the snow for memories! :) Her first snow.. 5 days old!

Valentine's Day with our little loves <3

Braelyn, Happy and I got the chance to go see Beauty and the Beast live with some friends and family. They loved it and it was such a great show! Brittyn stayed at home with Daddy and Jampa :)

It has been so much fun being the mommy of three! She has been the sweetest little blessing :)