Friday, July 31, 2009

Granny and Papa's 60th Anniversary!!

Last week while we were on our trip to Fort Worth we got to share in a very cool party! My grandparents have been married for SIXTY years! They are so cute! Anyways, I had been staying with them all week so Wednesday morning, I got up, packed up all my stuff, loaded the car, loaded the kids and kissed them goodbye. Granny and Papa are always sad to see us go and we are sad too but not this time.. we knew a little secret that they didn't. We told them we were heading back to Abilene but really we headed up the road to Nana's house in Keller :) We spent the day there (see swimming pictures below) and got all the kids ready just in time to make it to Granny and Papa's surprise birthday dinner at Abuelo's. They walked in to me and all my cousins and all our kids waiting! They were shocked and so happy! I had already called Papa a few hours before to let them know that we were safe and had made it back to Abilene.. whoops.. just a small lie for the sake of fun, right? :) Needless to say, they were thrilled and I apologized for lying :) We had a great dinner and were so happy to see everyone and got to take lots of pictures :) Between me, my brother and my 3 cousins we have 9 kids so it's always a good time!
Granny and Papa.. how cute are they?! 60 years together!!

Brylee and Meredith are two weeks apart in age :)McKinley and Braelyn are almost exactly one year apart :)Kids watching there balloon fly awayMy Uncle Jack, Granny, Papa, and Aunt Beverly All the great-grandkids plus me and Brett holding babies :)Papa and his grandson (my cousin), JarrettSweet MeredithBraelyn and MommyMiss Happy Hayden, McKinley and BaileyPeyton and HuttonMy cousins.. Angie, Jarrett and Allison with Granny and PapaPapa got a new Bible with his name on itAunt Bev and Granny :)Happy 60th Anniversary!!

Fort Worth- July 2009

This is me.. still playing catch up :)
Last week, we were in Fort Worth and had a great time. The week started off with Nana's 50th Birthday surprise party (see post below) and then we had some fun days before another great surprise party.. (post coming next). Here are some pictures from our week..
My grandparents have a huge, gorgeous backyard that is so perfect for kids. I have mentioned it before but I just love it so much. The kids love going to just run and play :) It always brings back such good memories of my brother, my cousins and me playing there when we were kids. My grandparents have lived in the same house, that they built, over 50 years now! Such great memories and so cool that my mom and her sister played there as kids, me and my cousins played there as kids and now our children play there. :)
Here is Braelyn and Dylan with their Granny and Papa. Did I mention I had three kids for the week? I had three kids for the week. Talk about crazy! We won't go there but we survived and had a great time :)
Here is some more from swimming in Nana and Papaw's pool. They have the prettiest pool and my kids love it. Braelyn is practically a fish (and Dylan too!). Do you see Braelyn swimming all by herself?! I am so proud. We love spending time with Nana and Cousin Colton. He is just too cute for words!! Nana, Papaw, Misty and Heather also gave Braelyn all her birthday presents a little early since they couldn't make it to the party. We had a blast. I was thankful for all three of them helping me get all three kids ready for a big party that night (POST COMING NEXT :) See Braelyn's new sign for her room? It says "I found my prince.. His name is Daddy". Ya, melt my heart, why don't ya? I LOVE it! Nana bought it in Colorado for Braelyn.. too cute!!
Coming up next: THE BIG SURPRISE PARTY :) I might post it later this afternoon if I get a little break but no promises.. coming before tomorrow :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday, Nana!

Well I am officially playing catch up on my blog, or as I like to call it "back blogging", so I apologize if it gets crazy. The week before Braelyn's birthday weekend we spent in Fort Worth and we had so much going on, I took so many pictures and then came home to quickly prepare for party. So, I didn't blog about our Fort Worth fun before it was time to blog about Braelyn's birthday party. Party.. done now join me in catch up :)
First off, Nana's 50th Birthday Party! You HAVE to click on this collage and see all the great pictures! It was a surprise party so look for her "shocked face"!
Although Linda is not my biological mother, she is just as close as one. For many, many years (and even before then) she has filled the "void" left from my mom's passing. She is one of the best women/mother/wife/friend that has ever lived and I truly believe that. When we were younger she was the perfect combination of parent and friend. She, of course, had rules but no mom has ever approached them in such a sweet and sensitive way. As a mom myself now, people will occasionally compliment me on different parenting things I do and often times I can recognize that I learned that from her. Honestly. I am one of those moms who totally cherishes everything. Every second with my child, every memory, tons of pictures. I know they are growing fast and I am soaking it up as much as I can.. this comes from her. She is the sweetest, most gentle Nana ever and my kids love and adore her. Braelyn loves going to see Nana and Papaw! I am so blessed to have her in my life and I couldn't express how much I love her in words. Best Nana ever :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009- 3 years old!!

Since yesterday was Braelyn's actual 3rd birthday (July 27th) we had to do something fun! We took her to Mr Gatti's for dinner for pizza and lots of games. She had so much fun! In her new dress from Kristie and Stinky.. My sweet little girls.. Mommy's THREE YEAR OLD!! Birthday sticker that Gatti's gave her.. she didn't like it.. haRiding the new Gatti's roller coaster.. They had a BLAST!!New pajamas.. before bed she played Candyland with Mommy and Daddy and ate homemade snowcones.. We had a good time!
Braelyn's birthday is officially over now. We had a great week and we are so proud of our precious three year old!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Braelyn Grace!!

**Warning: You may have a sugar rush from looking at these pictures :)

Braelyn had her third birthday party yesterday and it was so great! She had a blast and we all did too! She got too many presents, ate too much candy, too many cupcakes and slid down the water slide too many times... sounds perfect, right? It was! Here is peek into her wonderful CANDY PARTY..

Because of Braelyn Grace..
  • I first learned what it was like to be a mommy and have a part of your own heart, right before your eyes.
  • I have walls stained with coloring and stickers on everything that will sit still.
  • I have conquered what it takes to potty train a stubborn little girl.
  • I have laughed and cried more than I ever thought I would.
  • I have been thrown up on, spit up on, pooped on and drooled on.
  • I have spent one long July very pregnant, huge and HOT!
  • I have learned that life is funnier with you around!
  • I know more cartoon characters and songs than I ver thought I would.
  • I have cried in doctor offices, emergency rooms and spent too much time waiting for good or bad news.
  • I have stayed up whole night listening to you breathe.
  • I have spent nights awake thinking about birthday and Christmas presents.
  • I know what it’s like to have the most talkative child ever!
  • I believe chicken and burritos are perfectly healthy food groups!
  • I can find lines of toys (organized, of course) all across my house, everyday.
  • I spend hours in parenting books, making sure I won’t “mess” this kid up!
  • I have someone always on my side.
  • I have a smile on bad days.

My Braelyn, the sweetest child I know. I am so blessed to have a child who is so empathetic to the needs and feeling of others and whose brilliance could blow you away. She is wild and gentle all at the same time. Braelyn wears her heart on her sleeve and every word from your mouth means something to her. She is my first pride and joy. Braelyn Grace, the world is a better place because of you!


Today, the 27th, is her actual birthday so we are going to take her special for dinner tonight.. look for that post soon :)