Friday, January 30, 2009

What you have all been waiting for... :)

Top FIVE of the week! HOORAY!

1. WINTER DAYS! I would have called it SNOW DAYS but it was more like just ICE! Nevertheless, the kids had fun playing in it. We usually have a couple good snow days in West Texas and so far, none this year. So the kids had to take advantage of this "white day" even though it wasn't the powder we had all been hoping for. Abilene and surrounding area schools were cancelled for two days and the temp got down to 11 degrees at one point. Yikes!

2. Happy Baby.. Brylee, unfortunately, still has a double ear infection so she has gotten some extra special love this week. She is having to get three shots, three days in a row (rocephin) to try to clear it up. She is still sweet but a little more fussy :( So, on her "winter days" she got to take a bath in the sink. Seriously, this kid LOVES baths but she loves them even more if she gets to play in the sink! Don't ask me why! I have no idea.. I think the bath tub would be more fun but whatever made her happy (since she didn't get to play outside). I couldn't resist sharing it.. she looks too excited!
(on a side note, please pray that these shots clear up little Happy's ears because if they don't she will be getting tubes in her ears like big sister, Braelyn. NO FUN!)
3. Matchy, matchy. This one I get a little grief for. I LOVE to make my little princess wear matching clothes. They just look so cute in them. So here are the ones I bought this week.. sorry, Jeff! Somebody else who has two girls, please, tell me you do the same!
Brown dresses: They were on sale for $6, how could I not? :)
and Valentine shirts (can't find them online but I will post pics as soon as they wear them)

4. West Texas sunsets.. truthfully, they are better in the summer but we had a good one the other night. Therefore, I forced by brother to hold my baby daughter as high in the air as he could. Thanks, Happy, for being so cute :) Have I convinced yall to move to Abilene yet?! We get snow/ice and good sunsets! Haha, I promise the city is not paying me for my endorsements on this blog.

5. Cousins! Braelyn and Brylee love their cousins, Alyssa and Lauryn (these are Jeff's nieces). Here is Braelyn sneaking in some hugs. These were at Jeff's dad's 45th Birthday dinner.. Happy Birthday to the best Jampa around :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Our little princess, Brylee, is in a local Abilene tv station cutest baby contest. You will have to register (it's really fast and easy). You just rank her FIVE STARS. Next week they will choose some finalists and if she is chosen then you can go vote again for the WIN! :) GO VOTE FOR BRYLEE, OUR LITTLE CUTIE!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brooke Ogilvie Photography

Braelyn Grace

My little giggle box :)

She was SO ready to take this skirt OFF! :)

My Happy baby

No one could make me any happier :)

I had to chase her to get these smiles!

Brylee Faith, you complete us!

These tiny feet leave footprints on my heart :)

Always fun, always cute.. Braelyn Grace

Sisters, they really love each other :)

My princesses

Mommy's girls.. looking at the ducks :)

Braelyn Grace in a shy moment
As promised, some of my favorites from the pictures Brooke took of the princesses. :) (by the way, we do LOVE Jeff VERY much.. he just was busy hanging out with his BFF the day of pictures. I really wasn't planning on being in the pictures either but I ended up helping out and, of course, I'm glad I did cause these are some sweet memories with my girls!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The pressure is on :)

Okay, so I might have lied in the last post about posting pictures soon. I never update this, sorry. I feel like myspace, facebook and email take enough of my time but seriously, I am going to try to make a point to post more often (as if anyone reads this anyway!) LOL None of my close friends have a blog that they update so I need to put the pressure on some on you to make one! (Hello? Kristie? Sam? Misty? Heather? Tara?.. That should be your goal this week.. making a blog! I know you all have fun things going on so write it down! Love you and you're welcome for the pressure lol)

Here is the update in a nutshell. Been a couple of rough weeks but we are pulling through. Braelyn's surgery went almost perfect with the exception of some oxygen level (asthma related) troubles in the recovery room. She was so good though and seriously almost back to a 100% after she came home and took a nap that afternoon. Thank God and all of you for all the prayers.
This is Braelyn, pre-surgery, at Hendrick
in her hospital gown and pajama bottoms.
She wasn't near as nervous as Mom!

Just a day later Brylee woke up wheezing and congested so we spent the morning in the doctors office doing a breathing treatment and getting some meds for a double ear infection/bronchitis/asthma. Sometimes I am amazed at all that Jeff and I can make it through at once. By the weekend all were doing better and we had our pictures done by my dear friend, Brooke. They turned out AMAZING (with the exception that Jeff wasn't there and I really was just planning on doing the girls but of course, I appeared in almost all lol). Brooke is so talented and I have been singing her praises all week so go check out her blog at She is just starting her business and is flexible and easy to work with. The pictures above in my new blog header were all done by Brooke and they are so wonderful. I really do promise to post some of my favorites in my next blog. I really want you to see how great they all turned out. Also, my BF Kristie made the girls skirts, tutus and bows in the pictures. She is, also, very talented and creative. If you love them and want one for your little princess let me know because I can send her contact info your way (OR hopefully she will be making a blog tonight and you can message her directly, wink-wink)

Okay here is my goals: 1. posting more (lol) 2. pictures 3. pressure (for those listed above to make blogspots! hehe!

By the way, I am planning the First Birthday extravaganza for Little Miss Happy now and theme is cupcakes so any good ideas.. shoot them my way. You can see the cupcake stuff picked out at We also have a location and date set.. more on that to come soon! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

January 2009 :)

Well we had an amazing Christmas and really uneventful New Years.. Ha. We all were in bed by midnight, sorry, we have kids now and staying up is less exciting! The kids got very spoiled and got so many toys, we almost had to redecorate to make room for them all. We spent a week cleaning out toys that we could give to Goodwill and they received a good donation from our house lol.

The kids are doing great. Little Miss Brylee turned 9 months old the day after Christmas. Her checkup was awesome. She is almost 19 pounds and 29 inches long. She is long and skinny, surprised? She is very advanced verbally. Already saying mama, dada, baby, hi, bye-bye. She can wave bye bye and is learning some sign and more, so far. She is pulling up on everything and thinks she can walk.. it's funny she will just try to take a step so we have to rush to catch her, so brave. Baby food is a thing of the past, she only wants table food now and eats TONS! Our little piggy! She has two bottom teeth and is currently cuting her four top teeth, talk about painful but she has been good with them. She is a sweet little princess and full of giggles.
Braelyn is also growing like a weed. If you know Braelyn, you know it is amazing to talk with her. She is SO smart and remembers everything. Always been advanced verbally. She had perfected the ABC's, is learning letter sounds now and letter recognition. We are proud. Unfortunatley, she is still struggling with her asthma and ears so she is having a second set of tubes put in her ears on the 14th and also getting her adenoids taken out at the same time. Hopefully, this will all help.. PLEASE be praying for her. My first sweet princess, I am so thankful.
Jeff and I have almost been married 3 years, on March 5th! I can't believe it! In three years we have had 2 kids, ha. God is good and we have been very blessed with each other and our amazing children. Thanks for listening to me brag about my kids, moms can't help it :)
I will post some new pics soon from the Holiday Season...