Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween's Past

In honor of Halloween tomorrow and Kelly's Korner Blog's "Show us your Halloween Costume", I am taking a walk down memory lane to look at our previous Halloween costumes! So much fun!

2006: Braelyn was just 3 months old :) She was a tootsie roll! The prettiest one I have ever seen.. I still have the costume (all costumes they have ever worn, haha).

2007: Braelyn was a chicken! She was so sweet and she loved wearing it! I was pregnant with Brylee.. we didn't even know we were having another princess yet :)
In 2007, was also the year I dressed my Dozer up like a dinosaur! He hated it! I'm sorry, Dozer.. I couldn't resist! I miss that huge baby so much!!

In 2008 I was finally the mother of TWO! :) Braelyn was just over 2 years old and Brylee was 7 months old. Braelyn was an angel and Brylee was a little devil. Aunt Kristie made them tutu's for their outfits! It was so much fun!

 And here we are now.. 2009.. Braelyn is a monkey (3 years old) and Brylee is a banana (19 months old). Where does the time go?! Having two kids for Halloween is so fun! I love coming up with matching/coordinating outfits!

I think I am going to dress my baby, Cowboy, up like a bumblebee tomorrow. He is going to hate it just like his little brother, Dozer, did! :)

Finally, part THREE

The last of the Pumpkin Express Patch.. there was a "haunted hall" and all three kids just had a blast running to the end and then going back and running through again. Talk about cheap entertainment! :) Their expressions are worth it all!

Finally, we got back to Abilene and James and I took the kids to the little pumpkin patch here. It's not really a "pumpkin patch" but it's pumpkins on the ground and it's the only one in Abilene so here we are :) It is done by Disability Resources so all the money goes to a great organization and the kids love going so we can't beat that! :) Look at all my little ducks in a row.. they are the cutest! I might be partial.

And finally, the day Braelyn had been waiting for.. pumpkin carving. She had been talking about it for days and what do you know.. but we when started carving it she didn't want to touch the "ooey gooey inside"! Oh well, Mommy doesn't mind so I mostly did this one on my own and then she couldn't wait to take it back to the house to show her Cowboy :) Is there anything sweeter than your biological babies loving your fur babies, who were your babies before you had babies?! Does that make any sense at all?! Anyways, melt my heart.. my kids love our Cowboy! :)

Thanks for putting up with all that posting and crazy blogger and it's crazy tricks ;)
Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend! Can't wait to see all of your pictures of your babies dressed up!! HUGS!

Part TWO

Two of my favorite pictures from the pumpkin patch are the top right of Happy and bottom left of all three kids. Aren't they so cute!?!?

This is the part where Brylee and Braelyn fought over a steering wheel and then got to climb through a giant log :)

Some more favorites.. the girls dancing in front of the "haunted house" and Happy's priceless expression (top right) that I happened to catch on camera. She is so funny!

Some more from the pumpkin patch. I just love all these pictures! Of course, I always have to get one with me and my babies. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get two kids to smile at once?! Moms of one, beware! Your day will come LOL

One more addition next :)

Part ONE

Oh, I am having so many dilemmas with Blogger right now but I am going to try to make it work. First of all, I have one million pictures, almost, from the past couple weeks so I have twelve, yes twelve, collages of pictures to get out there. I 100% understand that you do not want to see one million pictures of me, my kids and family but grandparents and aunt and uncles do so skip these if you want, haha! :) Second dilemma is that it is only allowing me to post FOUR collages per post so I dividing these into THREE different posts just to confuse you and make you work for it :)
Last weekend the girls and I were in Fort Worth and really enjoyed spending time with family and friends. If you dont remember how much my kids love Granny and Papa's backyard, here are some reminders :)

I don't know why these pictures amaze me so much but I was so entertained watching Braelyn with this ball. She is so cute!

Then on Sunday we went with Nana, Aunt Misty and Cousin Colton to the Pumpkin Express Pumpkin Patch and Train Rides in Argyle. It was so cute! You ride a little train out to the patch and then there are tons on Radio Flyers to pull the kids around and pick up your pumpkins. So many places to take cute pictures.. as you can see my the numerous ones I took! :)

They also have bounce houses, Braelyn's favorite part!

Is this going to confuse you that you have to scroll UP to read the rest? Cause it's really messing with my head :) Anyways, part two and three coming next!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TWO more things..

I forgot to share that Braelyn did great in her surgery last Friday. She was a trooper. We had to be at the hospital at 6 in the morning but we managed to get everyone ready and out the door. We talked to her doctor and they took her back (she cried a little) and then 15 minutes later her doctor came out and said she did great. He did mention that she fought them on the gas mask to put her to sleep but my response was "yes, sorry, she is a fighter!" It's sooo true.. anytime Braelyn has to have anything done that she doesn't want to do she will kick and scream (only at doctors, by the way, other than that she is really well behaved lol). She may have inheirted this fighting personality from someone on my side of the family.. I won't name any names :) We met her back in the recovery room and we were home by 11, simple as that. Braelyn was bouncing off the walls by the time Aunt Kristie got her around noon and was booing at the zoo the next day. I am praying this is the last surgery for forever!!! Thanks for all your prayers and comments for Braelyn. We appreciate you so much.
Of course, the best part of going to the doctor or hospital is all the stickers they give you, right? I am not sure why but these pictures crack me up. Weird little kids :)


Dancing with the stickers

And Brylee did NOT like the stickers on her face nor was she amused by Braelyn and Dylan's sticker faces. Can you tell? :)

And the news of the day.. I got a million questions already today about what happened to my facebook.. and the short answer is.. I deleted it. Simple as that. It's time consuming and requires too much update.. why do I need it? I have a husband to spend time with and children to take care of and spend time with so I can only see it as a distraction. You can see all my pictures and updates here. I might change my mind one day but while I was deleting last night.. I deleted my myspace too but that was an easy decision.. I haven't used it in months!! So, keep up with my blog and keep up with YOUR blog so I can keep up with you, too! Lots of keeping up going on around here, huh? :) So, if you need me I still have an email address.. if we are friends, you know my personal email (if you don't, leave me a comment and I will send it to you) and if we are "internet friends" and you just surfed on my blog then email me at my blog email Life made easy, right? Hope you all can understand where I am coming from. I don't mean to make people mad but this is the best decision for me. It's a cool and rainy day in Abilene, Texas and I am getting kids down for naps... ta-ta! :)

Boo at the Zoo

This past Saturday we took the kids to the Boo at the Zoo here in Abilene. It is always a fun time but packed with tons of people! My kids have cute costumes this year and I was so excited to put them in them since I bought them back in September!!! Braelyn is a monkey (it was her choice) so Happy is a banana! Omg, I love it :) Last year they were an angel and a devil in tutu's, which was fun too!

2009 Boo at the Zoo:

Baby Corbin in his tiger suit :)                              My monkey Braelyn

Happy the Banana :)                                                              

Braelyn with Chris and Adrianne                                    Kaden the skeleton

Kaden, Braelyn and Camryn.. love that face, Brae :)                                                    

Uncle Stinky and Happy                                       Me and Corbin :)

Our babies

Our Family

My monkey and banana :)

Dylan had gone to see his mom for the weekend so he didnt get to come but you will see his costume soon! :) It was really a fun day and all the kids were so cute! :) Can't wait till next year!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Princesses

You might remember that Braelyn and Brylee have the world's greatest Nana and we love her so much! Yesterday we got a wonderful package in the mail from Nana and Papaw with Halloween shirt and lots of candy! Nana loves holidays and we get a package for every holiday, every year, full of goodies. Nana and Papaw have a great pool at their house so when I told Braelyn that they sent us all the presents she said, "Oh cool! Nana probably wants us to come swimming at her house today!" I laughed. We will have to work on which seasons are "swimming seasons" :) Thanks, Nana and Papaw, yall are the best!

These two just melt my heart! I love them so much!!