Thursday, July 22, 2010

BIG news and some catch up :)

Can't believe how long it has been since I last entered a post on here.. I have some serious catching up to do!!

Want the biggest news first?
That little angel above is our THIRD baby due in February 2011!! So far, so good.. baby looks perfect, growing perfect and make me having lovely morning sickness that lasts all day.. love it already! :) We are excited.. the girls are excited.. just another little miracle!! I will be 11 weeks tomorrow.
Famous question.. "Do you want a boy now?" and my answer is I will take another healthy, beautiful baby! We have been so blessed with two perfect little angels already! I won't lie... there is a special place in my heart for baby girls and another one would fit in perfect but a baby boy would be an awesome surprise to Jeff's girl FILLED family! We shall see what God gives us! :)

And here's the catch up:
In January, it was freezing cold and the kids went to school like eskimos most days! Jeff turned 25 and we celebrated with friends.
In February, there was lots and lots of snow! Braelyn loves it and Happy.. not so much :)
In March, we made a fun trip to Dallas.. Me, Jeff, Braelyn and Happy.. Shanna (Jeff's sister) and her two girls, Lauryn and Alyssa.. and my brother, James and nephew, Dylan! Braelyn and Happy were in Heaven with all their cousins. We did lots of shopping, stayed at a beautiful hotel in Dallas, Le Meridien North Dallas, went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and no surprise.. it SNOWED most of the time we were there. Our hotel was right next to the Galleria Mall so we spend time running back and forth in the snow.. the kids made great memories! It was an awesome mini vacation!
Also in March, Brylee Faith turned 2 years old! We celebrated with lots of friends and family in a hot pink and zebra party and inflatable obstacle course.. It was so fun!! Can't believe she is TWO already!!
On March 1st, we mourned with our dearest friends, Chris and Kristie, as they lost their first child during pregnancy. Guy Kristopher Brock came to the world too early but we are faithful God had a plan for his life and many people were touched by him. We will always miss him and cry for the relationships we could have built with him. Aunt Corrie loves him more than he will ever know.

In April, we celebrated Easter with none of than matching dresses! The girls were precious and Braelyn was the only one interested in hunting eggs :) And because the kids are spoiled, we rented them a bounce house for Easter!
Also in April, my little man, Dylan, turned SIX years old!
So I know that's only through APRIL.. but I feel like falling into a pregnancy induced coma that the rest of the world calls sleep!
I promise I will catch up May, June and July soon!
And Miss Braelyn Grace is having a fabulous 4th birthday party this weekend.. Can't wait to share those pics too!