Friday, September 26, 2008


I sat last night at the doctors office with Happy (Brylee) waiting forever and there was a lady sitting across from me with her very newborn son. He was so little and cute. I thought about newborns and how funny they are. They sleep all the time, yet they are so hard to deal with because their schedules are so backwards. I was thinking how tired that mommy must be because I have been there twice. My eyes filled with tears, literally, thinking about my babies being that small and how Happy had changed and grown so much already. My Happy is supposed to be the baby forever! Sitting in that waiting room thinking, I had a strange realization. My Happy would be six months old tomorrow. We are already half way to her first birthday! What?! She was just born the other day and the past six months, though difficult and busy, had just flown right by. Newborns are so content just being held. That's all they want.. to sleep, be fed, changed and held. Sounds easy enough, right? My girls will never be that little again or look like sweet little newborns do but I will always have the memories of them being that small and innocent.
We came home, went to bed and Happy woke up a lot last night (I think because she is beginning to teethe) and I was so tired and frustrated. I tried everything from feeding, swinging, bouncing, etc. When I thought she is just going to have to scream for a little bit, I had an idea. Maybe she will just let me hold her! I wrapped her up like a burrito (my kids both loved it) and held her close to my side and she instantly fell asleep. That's all she wanted. She was having trouble sleeping and I could "fix" her entire world by just holding her close. She wanted her mommy. I fell asleep with her next to me thinking God did that on purpose, to brighten my thoughts on six months old! I think He was reminding me that even though my girls will continue to grow, they will always need their mom, just the ways in which they need me will change thru the years. And Happy isn't an independent two year old yet, so maybe every now and then I can still sneak in a good cuddle or two. :)