Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

Now that Christmas cards have been sent out in the mail and given time to be delivered to the precious recipients.. I can show you our Christmas cards 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To be thankful..

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday for us every year. We either get to sleep in and head to Jeff's family for lunch or get up early and drive to Fort Worth for my family. We rotate every other year and this year was our turn to go to Fort Worth. I think this worked out well since I am not sure how thrilling it would be to drive to Fort Worth next year with a 9 month old, 5 year and 3 year old. The year after.. I think I can handle it.. Ha!
Anyways, Thanksgiving was extra cold this year so we bundled like eskimos and headed East. We made it just in time for lunch and left early enough to make it back before it hit 20 degrees that night. My cousin, Allison, and her husband were there with their two sweet girls. McKinley is 5 and Meredith is 2, only 2 weeks younger then Happy, so the four girls had a lot of fun playing (and destroying the play room.. Sorry, Aunt Bev :)
Jeff and I having lunch conversation with my Granny and Papa. I work in insurance so don't get me started on health care "reform". That is what this picture is all about. My Papa and I could discuss all day long.. and Jeff probably was about to fall asleep LOL Can you see Brittyn in the picture? She is making a large appearance these days :)
 My cousin, Allison, with her husband, Brett and cousin, Jarrett, with his new wife, Crystal
 McKinley, Braelyn, Happy and Meredith in the playroom. This was the beginning of their destruction.. :)
 Granny and Papa with four of their great-granddaughters..
Granny, Meredith, McKinley, Papa, Braelyn and Happy.
They have 6 great granddaughters (Bailey, Peyton, McKinley, Braelyn, Brylee and Meredith) and 3 great-grandsons (Hayden, Hutton and Dylan). Miss Brittyn will be their 10th great-grandchild. Papa told me thanks for evening it out for him :)

Braelyn and McKinley cheesing!!
It was a great holiday! We have so much to be thankful for!!