Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy's 3rd Birthday Party!!

I have to admit.. this was one of the most low maintenance birthday parties I have ever thrown. I blame it on the fact that I have a newborn plus a now three year old and a four year old. I'm sleepy, I know that. But I am so blessed. Happy had a great birthday party!! We had lots of sweet friends and family and the weather was perfect!

Shirt from Old Navy, tutu by Aunt Kristie and bow from Etsy seller.

Kisses for her Daddy

 This picture has Happy written alll over it! We love her!
Braelyn, Happy and cousin Alyssa
 Braelyn and Mommy
 Her cake!
 Me and the birthday girl
 Braelyn, Happy and Mama
 Her birthday banner
 We were singing Happy Birthday to her :)
 Happy and some of her fans :)
 Braelyn had to help blow out the candles
 Happy Faith- new glasses
 She ended the day with birthday dinner at Mr Gatti's!
Can't tell you enough how much we love our Happy!! As we were walking out of the zoo from her birthday party she stopped me and said, "Thank you, Mama". What 3 year old is thankful for their birthday party that Mama planned?!? Thank you, Lord, for that grateful heart and that beautiful little girl! We are in love!

Guess who else was there?? This little TWO month old bundle of hair love!!
Brittyn Hope turned 2 months old on the same day Happy turned 3 years old (they are born on Jan 26th and March 26th :) Next post coming.. Brittyn's 2 month update!

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