Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Happy Faith!!

3 years old today, God gave us Brylee Faith, our Happy, and I have been grateful every day since. March 26, 2008 is the day I became the mommy of 2 and Braelyn became a big sister! We are still crazy about her!

Happy is my "wild child" and we love it! She is all personality! She loves hugs and kissys, being held and cuddling. She likes Dora and princesses and all things girly and frilly! She wants to wear a dress every day of the week and expresses her dislike for shorts and jeans daily. Happy loves her dress up clothes the best and thinks they are ther perfect attire for going out to dinner, school, pajamas, etc and sometimes I just allow it cause it makes her so happy! I shared a couple posts back but we are so thrilled over her grateful heart. She thanks us for everything (even this week she thanked me for "washing my princess clothes and making them so clean!") and it makes my heart smile! Every piece of clothes or toy she owns is "sooo cute, Mama! Thank you so much, I love it"). She has the sweetest little voice and the best little smile. It's hard to tell her no cause she is just so cute!!

It's no secret that she is slightly very strong willed and will let you know all about it. She is faaaar from "middle child syndrome" and is actually usually the center of attention. She loves her sisters more than anything and is the first to tell you she loves you over and over and over. I'm praying we are channeling that strong willed energy into a woman that will one day make a difference because she has the ability to lead. She is so smart and has the best memory and I am so excited with all she is learning and memorizing these days.

Happy Faith, we love you so much! I am thanking God for the blessing of you every single day. You make your Mama and Daddy so proud!!

We are having her birthday party today.. pics to come soon! :)
(sorry, I had to remove the details of party location for the safety of our family and friends.)

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